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Uzun Yolculuk

The Long Journey | Uzun Yolculuk

The untold story of Ottoman migrants who embarked on a difficult journey to start new lives in the US in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The documentary features interviews with the families of these immigrants, including in New England.


  • TRT Documentary Days (2019)

    Mesut Gengenc

    Mesut Gengeç completed her primary and secondary education in Mersin. He came to Istanbul 24 years ago for undergraduate studies and he has been living there ever since. He is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Department of Journalism. He worked for television for 17 years; namely Senkron TV, NTV News Center, and Show TV News. Between 2007-2012 he taught basic concepts in radio and TV, and introduction to radio and TV journalism in Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Department of Radio, TV and Cinema.

    Selected Filmography and Awards:

    Antalya Film Festival Audience Award (Ben Ömer) Director 2016
    TGC (Turkish Journalists Association) Sedat Simavi Jury Award for Television 2004
    PHKD (Professional News Camera Operators Association) Salih Peker Honor Prize 2005
    Al Jazeera ‘Cuma’ (Friday) Documentary, Production Coordinator 2012
    TRT 'Seçim Turu' (Election Tour), Executive Producer and Director 2015
    'Çengelli İğne' (Safety Pin), Short Film, Director of Photography 2000
    'Yusuf Kenan', Docu-drama, Director and Producer 2017
    'Uzun Yolculuk' (Long Journey), Docu-drama, Director and Producer 2019


    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2019
    4:00 pm

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Remis Auditorium
    465 Huntington Avenue



    Directed by Mesut Gengeç
    Docu-Drama / 70 min. / 2019

    Cast: Ali Sürmeli, Rıza Akın, Coşkun Çetinalp, Caner Coşkun

    Uzun Yolculuk


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