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Muazzez Mucizesi 104 Yaşında

The Miracle Worker | Muazzez Mucizesi 104 Yasinda

Scientist Muazzez Ilmiye Çığ is 104 years old. She was born at the start of World War I. Her arduous life story is a witness account of our country in the 20th century. She is a grand sycamore trusted upon us by the founding generation of the Republic. First, she became a teacher. Then, she became one of the first female students to attend the newly established Faculty of Language, History, and Geography at Ankara University. She graduated as a Sumerologist. Throughout her entire life she studied the Sumerians, who gave humanity cuneiform writing and history. To this day she still gives talks. She overcame all sorts of hardships through joy of life, persistence and hard work. She stood tall with her thoroughly lived life and her boundless knowledge and wisdom. This documentary is made to introduce the tenacity of Muazzez Ilmiye Çığ to the youth of our day.


  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey (2018)
  • Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey (2018)

    Nurdan Arca

    Nurdan Arca received her undergraduate degree from Bosphorus University (formerly Robert College) in Economics. She is among the first organizers of Hisar Short Film Festival in 1968. In 1969 she made her first documentary, "Bir ben vardır benden içeri", about the opening of Galata Bridge. In 1971 she began to study at Brunel University in London towards a PhD degree. After her return to Turkey she attended Istanbul University for graduate studies, as well as translating books. She received her Master's degree in 1980. In 1984 she began to write for Milliyet Sanat. In 1992 she established her documentary production company, Ajans21. Since then she has been producing and directing many documentaries, ranging from underwater to space, theater to music, biographies to monographies, and history to archeology.


    Muazzez Mucizesi 104 Yaşında (2018)
    Türkan Saylan Anlatıyor (2015)
    Evliya Çelebi – “Tevatürle Muhakkaktır” Istanbul'un Tılsımları (2011)
    Canlar (2011)
    Simavnalı Bedreddin (2006)
    Arada – İstanbulda Bir Öğle Vakti (2006)
    Gülen Ayva Ağlayan Nar (2001)
    Zeugma Yalnız Değil (2001)
    Buluşma (2000)
    Dostların Tiyatrosu (2000)
    Yitik Zamanın İzinde (1999)
    Zaman Kapsülleri (1998)
    Uzay Kristalleri (1996)
    Ezgili Yürek: Ruhi Su (1995)
    Dördüncü Boyut (1993)
    Hasret Resimleri (1986)
    “Bir ben vardır bende, benden içeri” (1969)



    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2019
    4:00 pm

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Remis Auditorium
    465 Huntington Avenue



    Directed by Nurdan Arca
    Doc. / 45 min. / 2018


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